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Shenzhen Daman Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Daman packaging Co., Ltd. is located in the foreland of China's reform and opening up - Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Founded in 1999, the company is professional in food dry powder cans packaging. It has been committed to providing packaging services for infant formula, baby food, nutrition and health products, snack foods, condiments and other industries. The company has several patents and a number of professional technical personnel, with its business covering both domestic and foreign markets. It has formed a proximity delivering system with Shenzhen as the headquarters and Dongguan (south China), Wuhan (central China), Hangzhou (east China), Xi'an (northwest China), Tianjin (north China), and Daqing (northeast China) as production bases.


The company has more than 400 staffs, over 30 world-leading production lines including can-making, cover-making and metal printing lines, with the annual production capacity topping 600 million cans. The company has developed a comprehensive service system covering can making, cover making, printing,  plastic products and other matching services, and built long-term collaboration with Yili, Beingmate, Mengniu, Feihe, Sanyuan, Nestle Totole, McCormick, Tiens, By-Health, Perfect and other enterprises. As a food dry powder packaging company, product safety is the core and quality is the most fundamental thing. The company has gained the ISO9001 international standard quality system certificate and the FSSC22000 food safety system certificate. At the same time, our R&D center has cooperated with many colleges that we have worked with the Packaging Engineering Institute of JUN to establish a Metal Packaging Joint Laboratory. With our professional team, strict management and advanced equipment, the company aims to build the No.1 brand in food powder packaging industry. In the future, we will take systematization, informatization, standardization and internationalization as our goal to further improve our comprehensive service system in terms of product R&D, design, brand planning, manufacturing, accessories, digitalization and intellectualization, and to build a food dry powder packaging service platform for customers and provide customer-centered packaging solutions.


    The company will always be customer-centered, hardworking, team-working, pioneering and pragmatic, adhering to our operation philosophy of "employees satisfy, customers satisfy, partners satisfy, investors satisfy, the public satisfy” to fulfill the our desire that satisfaction of everyone will create a better future.

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